Who is behind Erotic Art Lover?

My name is Grith Stagaard and I am the enterprising mind behind Erotic Art Lover. As a trained art historian I have a deep and broad knowledge of art and it is this valuable knowledge that allows me to pass on trustworthy and professional expert advice to you. I have previously worked in both museums and galleries and I draw on this experience when advising clients about acquisitions of fine art. The key to my success, lies in my ability to connect with people and tailor my advice to suit their individual needs.Erotic art

Erotic art


Grith Stagaard holds a Master of Arts (History of Art Hons.) from The University of Glasgow as well as a Candidata magisterii (Cand. mag.) obtained at Copenhagen University. She has worked with different kinds of art and creative projects and has participated as an exhibitor in a number of art fairs around the world. It is this academic and professional knowledge that forms the basis of the expert advice you will receive as a client of Erotic Art Lover.


What does Erotic Art Lover offer?

Erotic Art Lover is an art consultancy business that specialize in selling:

  • Erotic Fine Art
  • Bespoke Art Advice


Why does the world need Erotic Art Lover?

As an art historian I am used to working with and appraising art. When I started researching erotic art I was surprised to find it to be a little acknowledged and an even less openly accepted kind of art. This is not surprising as most people equate erotic art with pornography. I therefore decided to start Erotic Art Lover so I could introduce and encourage people to open their minds and eyes to the wide variety of interesting and beautiful erotic art available.

Erotic art can stimulate and titillate the senses on many different levels and I have felt a positive impact on my own love life almost from day one as a side-effect from working with erotic art. It is this experience and benefit that I wish to passes on to others though Erotic Art Lover.

Much contemporary art demands an intellectual understanding of art historical theories in order to really appreciate it. Erotic art on the other hand is relatively more accessible simply because its subject matter, because eroticism is something any human relate to easily and readily. Erotic art can awaken your passion and boost your love life and that is what I aim for by showing you lots of different types of erotic fine art in the Erotic Art Lover blog.

Erotic art

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