Dr. Saida Desilets’ ebook ‘The Illustrious Jade Egg’ offer guidance on how you as a woman connect with joy, pleasure and self-love in a real and physical way. I would highly recommend any woman to read this ebook and follow the exercises.

… and should you want more of Saida’s fabulous offerings, you can visit her site for more free help and guidance!

Illustrious Jade Egg - book cover


The Illustrious Jade Egg eBook (Pdf)

Click the above link for the ebook in English




Det Værdifulde Jade Æg - bog cover


DetværdifuldeJadeÆg-Ebog (Pdf)

Klik på det ovenstående link for ebogen på dansk.



Jean-Pierre Sergent article



ARTICLE:  Talking to Artist…: Jean-Pierre Sergent (Pdf)

Interview with Jean-Pierre Sergent, February, 2013.





Article cover, Talking to artist...Megan Willis



ARTICLE: Talking to Artist…: Meghan Willis (Pdf)

Interview with Meghan Willis, December, 2012.





Article: Erotic Art Lover speak to artist... Lena Lafaki



ARTICLE: Talking to Artist…: Lena Lafaki  (Pdf)

Interview with Russian artist Lena Lafaki, November, 2012.





Article cover for Erotic Art Lover interview with Bianca van Baast



ARTICLE: Talking to Artist…: Bianca van Baast  (Pdf)

Interview with Dutch artist Bianca van Baast, October, 2012.





Udo Linke,retro,pop,art,superman,pin-up girl,



ARTICLE: Talking to Artist… Udo Linke  (Pdf)

Interview with the German artist Udo Linke. – September, 2012.




Artist Nancy Peach - Male Bondage - Painting Oil on Canvas


ARTICLE:  Most people can’t tell the difference …  (Pdf)

This article looks at the difference between eroticism and pornography and provides plenty of visual examples to leave you pondering your own response. – May 2012. 



Black butterfly - illustration



From the book Få mere lyst (The prescription for happiness in life) by medical doctor, sexologist and best-selling author Jesper Bay-Hansen.

Exercise – What do you consider sex (pdf)

Øvelse – Hvad er sex for dig (pdf)



10 Health Reasons to have sex, erotic art lover,


Remind yourself why having sex is a good idea with:                   ‘10 Health Reasons To Have Sex‘ (pdf).

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