Welcome to the Erotic Art Lover Blog

Posted on   July 28, 2012

Roz McQuillan - Three nude male torsos - (Ink and wash drawing on tinted handmade paper.)

  Artist: Estudioguersi – More info on: www.nuzart.com In this blog you can see works of art created by both contemporary artists and old masters who investigate and describe eroticism in various media. You can also follow me on Pinterest …

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Artist Showcase: Chris Gollon

Posted on   December 12, 2013

  On my autumn visit to London, I went to see the work of Chris Gollon at the IAP Fine Art Gallery, and now I want to share his work with you, my fellow art aficionados. I suspect that most …

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Important auction for erotic themed photography

Posted on   October 25, 2013

If you’re a fan of erotic art and photography but find your erotic art collection lacking in terms of photography, then Artnet’s auction provides a good opportunity to acquire some fine photographic works of art. Artnet Auctions are currently having …

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Objects of desire

Posted on   October 15, 2013

There are many objects of desire in this world. We desire these objects for various reasons and most often when we talk of desire, we link it to something erotic. It is the same with the objects of desire that …

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Beauty in every form…

Posted on   September 19, 2013

Written by: Artist & Author Richard Savage On his new book ‘Beauty in every form’: “Beauty is a subject I feel passionately about; is a very subjective term and I do not feel that there is any place for absolutes, …

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Can a bird sit on a penis?

Posted on   August 20, 2013

It almost sounds like a bad joke right? And why on earth would you want to have a bird on your penis anyway? The most normal thing to say would be that, a bird and a penis have very little …

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4 Easy Tips on How To Get Started with Tantra

Posted on   July 31, 2013

I recently went for a tantric massage and inspired by this experience I want to pass on a few tips I found on the net, for those of you who – like me – are new to the world of …

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Book review: ‘Vulva – the invisible sex’

Posted on   March 28, 2013

Vulva: Die Enthüllung des ‘unsichtbaren Geschlechts or ‘Vulva – det usynlige køn’ as it is titled in Danish, promises to present the reader with the cultural history of the female genitalia/sex in everyday life, folkelore, medicin, mythology literature and art. …

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When choosing pictures for your wall…

Posted on   March 11, 2013

…you should ask yourself this question: What kind of picture do I want on my wall; a work of art or a decorative painting? But why should you ask yourself this question? Because there is a big difference between these …

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Kinsey – The man who wanted to talk about sex! …Film Review.

Posted on   March 2, 2013

For anyone interested in the man that everyone is (still) talking about when it comes to sex research this film is a must see. I have to admit that I have not read any of Kinsey’s books or books about …

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Talking to artist…Jean-Pierre Sergent

Posted on   February 6, 2013

At a first glance the work of artist Jean-Pierre Sergent has a flavour of Post-Pop, with its visual references to Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein and Ramos. But Jean-Pierre Sergent’s work is so much more than mere decorative surfaces deriving from popular imagery. …

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Shunga Penetration Toy Print

Posted on   January 24, 2013

I love this Shunga Toy Print showing a female with penetration close-up. It is so naughty but charming at the same time because it is actually quite fun. The fun lies in the playfulness and somehow brings back memories of …

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BOOK REVIEW: Simulating Sex

Posted on   December 12, 2012

        A while ago I received an email from UP (Unlimited Publishing) which suggested that I might be interested in reading Bachmann’s book Stimulating Sex as this book considers various  artistic renditions of erotic activity by the …

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Talking to artist…: Meghan Willis

Posted on   December 1, 2012

Meghan Willis is a female textile artist who builds and extends the long and well-established embroidery craft tradition with innovative techniques and unusual content. Rather than twee little floral compositions or flat geometric patterns Willis works with different kinds of …

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Talking to artist…: Lena Lafaki

Posted on   November 16, 2012

Lena Lafaki’s technical skill and accomplishments is evident – all you need to do is look at her work and you’ll see her excellent draughtsmanship. Yet these paintings are more than just examples of high quality draughtsmanship, they are also …

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Exposing Female Desire

Posted on   November 9, 2012

Men know what they desire. Men know what turns them on and gives them sexual pleasure. This is not surprising when you consider that male artists for centuries have depicted the female as well as the male nude, in order …

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Talking to artist…: Bianca van Baast

Posted on   October 31, 2012

She has been called one out of 10 most promising artists in The Netherlands and it is not hard to see why. All artists strive to develop a distinctive visual language which is unique to them. An artistic fingerprint so …

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New Interview Series: ‘Talking to Artist…’

Posted on   September 22, 2012

I have often wondered when I visit an artist’s website why there is no personal information about her or him especially considering the existential nature of art. Art is such a personal thing on many levels. The creation of art …

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News & Pinterest / Favourite Erotic Art: Week 37, 2012.

Posted on   September 13, 2012

New Artist: Lindi Kirwin Last week I added the work of artist Lindi Kirwin to the gallery. You can see more of her work here.   Brain Science and Female Orgasm This week I read Naomi Wolf’s interesting article ‘brain …

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Are you searching for happiness? Then this book is for you…

Posted on   August 30, 2012

HAPPINESS AND LUST Jesper Bay-Hansen is the man behind the book ‘Få mere lyst‘ (Increase your lust) due for publication through FADL’s Forlag 27th September 2012. As a previous general medical practitioner Jesper, now a practicing sexologist, has a good …

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Pinterest / Favourite Art: Week 31, August, 2012

Posted on   August 4, 2012

Below are some of the images that I have pinned to my Boards on Pinterest in the past week. When I came across artist O’Delle Lennis Abney‘s art work #1 recently I immediately thought “This is what a tantric orgasm …

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Pinterest / Favourite art : July 2012

Posted on   July 29, 2012

  SCOPOPHILIA: WEEK 30, 2012.   (Scopophilia: the pleasure derived from looking.) Below are some of the images that I have enjoyed looking at and therefore pinned to my ‘Erotic and Sensual Art’ & ‘Body Art’ Board on Pinterest in …

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The weird & wonderful world of Doll Photographer Mariel Clayton

Posted on   July 20, 2012

I came across Mariel Clayton’s pictures last year on Red Bubble and I have wanted to write about them since. Now that I have finally gotten round to actually doing it, I am so excited to share her weird and …

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Pearls at Rosenborg Castle

Posted on   June 15, 2012

I recently went to see an exhibition at Copenhagens Rosenborg Castle showcasing the  royal collection of pearls. Natural pearls have been sought after and praised ever since they were pulled out of the sea. The status afforded those who own natural …

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Exhibition review: SKIN DEEP at HAY HILL GALLERY

Posted on   June 1, 2012

This week I went to London to catch the end of Jamie McCartney’s solo show Skin Deep at the Hay Hill Gallery in Cork Street. After writing about Jamie’s Great Wall of Vagina a couple of years ago, I was …

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Most people can’t tell the difference…

Posted on   May 12, 2012

…between eroticism and pornography, they think that they are the same thing! So, in this post I want to take a closer look at, what is meant by erotic art, how you might define it and if it is possible …

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Shunga & The work of Michael Bergt

Posted on   March 24, 2012

Bedroom Art. One of my favorite recommendations to people is to use erotic art to spice up their lovelife.  Erotic art of a more or less explicit nature can serve as a visual reminder and provide exciting inspiration for your …

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Body Art – Part II: The Delightful Digital Art of Cecelia Webber

Posted on   September 14, 2011

Copyright of Cecilia Webber

This post is about the astounding work of artist Cecelia Webber. Webber works with both acrylics and experimental digital photography, but it is first and foremost the experimental photography that makes her a unique artist. What do I mean by …

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Body Art – Part I.

Posted on   August 12, 2011

Although this blog deals with erotic art first and foremost, I want to take a closer look at body art because it represents another category of art that shows and deals with the nude human body in a non erogenous …

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Evokative and sensual paintings from Lauri Blank

Posted on   June 2, 2011

      I recently had a discussion with someone who is unfamiliar with erotic art; about the difference between sex and eroticism. The discussion arose because I used the term erotic art to describe the kind of art I …

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Antonio Biella – S&M cartoon style

Posted on   April 28, 2011

Antonio Biella is an Italian artist who lives and works near Brescia in Northern Italy. I want to show his work for two reasons. First of all it shows a side of eroticism that many will have heard and know …

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CPH Art Fair

Posted on   March 16, 2011

Last weekend I was invited by an artist friend to attend the preview of the Copenhagen Art Fair that she was exhibiting in. The fair which takes place once a year in Copenhagen is a platform for new and upcoming …

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Old Masters – Klimt

Posted on   February 1, 2011

The first post in the Old Masters Series is about the great symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, who is perhaps most famous for his involvement in the Vienna Secession Movement. Klimt´s work is interesting because it continues to inspire both artists …

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Carolyn Weltman

Posted on   November 11, 2010

Carolyn Weltman, a British artist living in America, works with traditional techniques in the form of drawing and painting. Weltman primarily uses nude models to sketch from and uses both female and male models. ‘Sophi Squats’ Copyright by Carolyn Weltman …

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Jan Van Rijn – Fine artist & Sculptor

Posted on   November 6, 2010

In this post I would like to present you with some more graphically explicit works of erotica. Copyright by Jan Van Rijn It has been said by some that the works of art by Van Rijn are depictions of women …

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Beauty and Spirituality; Digital artist Jeff Wack

Posted on   August 28, 2010

Digital Artist – Jeff Wack In this post I want to show some works by Jeff Wack, who is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. Wack works with digital tools in making his art, photographing his …

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Jamie McCartney – Sculptor

Posted on   August 1, 2010

Jamie McCartney is a sculptor based in the South of England. I first came across Jamie’s work, in the book The World´s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, where his piece ’The impossibility of passion”, stood out as the winner in the …

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Japi Honoo – Japanese styled erotic art

Posted on   July 19, 2010

Fabulous modern erotic art inspired by the Japanese traditional style. This is what I want to share with you in this post. Copyright Japi Honoo Japi Honoo (1968) was born in Central Italy and now lives near Venice but her …

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Sam Winston : “Birth-day”

Posted on   July 7, 2010


UPDATE  12 Sep. 2012: Sam’s work ‘Birth-day’ was part of the Death Festival at the Southbank Centre. In the video by Justin Stokes below you can see Sam Winston talk about his motivation for creating the work and the process …

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Robert Mapplethorpe

Posted on   May 16, 2010

Ken Moody

This post is about two works by American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989). This famous photographer cause a great deal of controversy in his day – in particular for photographing black men and producing sexually explicit work. Some feel that he …

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Beautiful in pregnancy

Posted on   May 5, 2010

Today I fell over this picture on the web and thought it was so beautiful and erotic I just had to show it to you. As a woman I know, from first hand experience, how easy it is to feel …

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Eroticism and aging

Posted on   April 19, 2010

A short while ago, someone said to me that she was fed up with just seeing erotic art that features young beautiful models. After seeing a documentary on Hollywood wifes who all looked gorgeous in their 40´s and 50´s, due …

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Erotic Fashion

Posted on   April 11, 2010

The line between the erotic and the pornographic is a subject greatly discussed and one that I will revisit and examine in another post. However, what it is interesting to note is that previously, the line between an erotic art …

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Rut Ríkey Tryggvadóttir´s sensual cushions

Posted on   February 18, 2010

I recently went to see the newly opened Gallery Eros in Copenhagen. Having studied the website I got the impression the gallery´s focus was on erotica from the 19th Century, but visiting the physical premises of the gallery, I found …

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