Eroticism and aging

A short while ago, someone said to me that she was fed up with just seeing erotic art that features young beautiful models. After seeing a documentary on Hollywood wifes who all looked gorgeous in their 40´s and 50´s, due to nips and tucks, she felt the urge to see some real-life normal women who look and feel comfortable with their age. She mentioned how youth and beauty is worshiped even within the world of erotica.

It is easy to agree with her especially perhaps in the world of erotic art where the visual appeal rules the aesthetics. However, the ideal of beauty linking youth, slenderness and good looks does not have to be or indeed is not always the case.

I think the fabulous portrait, by Hans van der Kamp titled “My Favorite Model”, speaks volumes of beauty and the continued erotic appeal that can be found in an aging woman.

“My Favorite Model”.

Copyright by Photographer Hans van der Kamp.

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