Courses & Talks

Erotic Art Lover occasionally holds courses about the sensual bedroom or talks about erotic art. 

  – The Sensual Bedroom Course: Shows you in practical terms how to optimise your bedroom so it is not only relaxing space for sleeping in, but how you can also make it work as a sensual, sexy and stimulating space.

- Erotic Art Talk: Offers a fun and entertaining way to find out more about erotic art and provides a rich pictorial introduction to contemporary erotic art with numerous examples of different styles in art. Talks normally take place during an evening or at weekends.

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Art Consultancy

Do you want some erotic art to stimulate and inspire your lovelife? You do not have to spend time youself trawling the internet to find the erotic art that meets your individual needs and preferences – let me do that for you and save yourself the time and energy.

My bespoke and confidential consultancy service offers tailored advice and guidance to ensure that your personal taste in erotic art is found and met.

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Erotic Art Lover

Privacy & Confidentiality

All of Erotic Art Lover’s consultancy services are completely private and confidential.

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