Female or male, young or old, if you want to create a sumptuous luxurious and sensual space that stimulates your senses – you have come to the right place!

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Many people simply think of their bedroom as a place where they spend time sleeping.

And it is true you spend a lot of time asleep in your bedroom. Consider this: A human being spends on average 1/3 of her or his entire life in the bedroom yet a surprising number of people give very little attention to that space – some even treat it with disregard.

What does your bedroom look like

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Misconception about the bedroom: It is not important because you just sleep there...

This is wrong. The bedroom is NOT JUST a place for relaxing and sleeping.

It is also a place where you can recharge your batteries by being intimate and making love to your partner. A Sensual Bedroom will help remind you that your bedroom can (and should!) be used for other things than just relaxing and sleeping.



The Sensual Bedroom is a space where romance seduction and sensual pleasure all blend to create a wonderful sexy and stimulating ambience.

How much romance and how much seduction you want to emphasize in your bedroom is a personal choice. You can scale it up or down to suit your own comfort level and personality.

The important thing to remember is that when you create a Sensual Bedroom it should be a reflection of your taste and personal preference because it has to stimulate your sense of sensual pleasure.

No one says that your bedroom has to be romantically white fluffy frilly or flowery in order to be sensual. It is perfectly possible to create a sensual bedroom with distinctive masculine undertones.


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Whether you are a romantic country bumpkin at heart or a cool stylish urbanite you can create a Sensual Bedroom to suit.





If you have a sensual bedroom your lovelife is much more likely to be thriving than if you have a dull and drap one. With a sensual bedroom you can create a romantic ambience or mood which will gently stimulate your instead of making you feel tired.



It is a well-known fact that making love is one of the things that make us feel happy. But did you know that when you make love you also boost your energy levels?

Scientific research has proven that there are numerous health reasons for practising sex (10 Health Reasons To Have Sex) so if you are just using your bedroom for resting and sleeping you are missing out!

Making love gives you more not less energy.

Creating an inviting ambience in the bedroom is particularly important for women who often has to feel “in-the-mood” in order to enjoy making love with a partner. So if you want to seduce your female partner make sure the bedroom is neat and tidy.



In a relationship; A sensual bedroom will help you and your partner boost and maintain a happy and regular lovelife.

Single and happy;  You can still boost your lovelife with a sensual bedroom to help you maintain a healthy and active sex life practising solo sex.



Do you want to learn how to easily create your own Sensual Bedroom?

The aim of the Sensual Bedroom as you now know, is to stimulate and create a sexy atmosphere by pleasing the senses through touch, sound and vision. By making a few minor adjustments to the interior decoration of your bedroom you can quickly and easily achieve the ambience you want.

To set the scene for romance sensuality and seduction just follow my 5 Step Plan below  and you will end up with a luxurious and sexy Sensual Bedroom.





Step 1: Tidy up.

If your house is messy or untidy it sends a strong visual signal to your brain that you do not have enough time or energy.  A messy bedroom or a bedroom used for storage, temporary or long-term, is therefore not going to have a relaxing effect on you. It is much more likely to make you feel more tired or even agitated specially if you have to clean tidy and pick-up after other family members.

You don’t want piles of washing in plain view, clothes or toys strewn across the floor. If you have ‘stuff ‘ which really belong in a basement or loft stored in plain view in your bedroom find some other place for it and remove it from your bedroom.


Step 2: Lighting.

What is the lighting in the bedroom like?

If it is a high watt bulb that throws out a bright light chances are that it is not going to create a very romantic atmosphere. If you can put the light on a dimmer switch if not, turn the light off and put on some candles instead. Candles are perfect for creating that soft lighting that invites intimacy and romantic ambience.


Step 3: Textiles.

Nothing invites sensuality like textiles. So, what does your bed look like? Is it a whirl of scrunched sheets and crumbled duvets? Use a bedspread to cover your bed to provide a presentable and tidy impression and make sure that your bed linen is changed once a week to stay fresh crisp and inviting. Remember: textiles invite touch and should feel nice against the skin. Dress up your bed with a bedspread and decorative pillows in textiles like faux fur, chenille, cashmere, mohair, velvet, silk, satin, angora etc. The nicer the textiles feel against the skin the more inviting and tempting it will feel to get undressed.


Step 4: Sound.

Few things can create a mood like music can, so if possible, put on some love songs or your favourite music to create a nice romantic mood.


Step 5: Erotic & Sensual Art.

Hanging erotic and sensual art on the wall in your bedroom provides a visual reminder that can titillate and stimulate sexual desire and therefore encourage physical intimacy between yourself and your lover. If you hang erotic art in your bedroom you should aim to find a piece of art that is perceived as stimulating by both yourself and your lover.


Additional Tips:

Use the things below to further fashion the room and stimulate your oral and olfactory sense.


-        Fresh flower

-        Scented candles

-        Incense sticks

-        Massage oils

-        Body creams

-        Chocolates

-        Wine


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